Even in the Little Things…

So one day I was in church and my friend Mike approached me. He said, “Brett who is your favorite baseball team and baseball player?” I told him, “New York Yankees and Derek Jeter.”

Mike then told me, “God said to give you this.” He handed me a pack of baseball cards and Derek Jeter was the top card. My reaction was like, “really?” I was shocked. He said, “Yep, so I wanted to be a blessing.” My friend Mike shook my hand and said “enjoy.” and then he walked away.

So when I got home I opened up the cards and noticed that I had 40 of the same exact Derek Jeter card.

I said, “Lord they’re all the same cards…”

HE said to me, “I know. I know you like Derek Jeter and the Yankees. Since you like them, so do I. I gave u many of the same card because when I give, I give MORE than enough.”

God ended with, “Brett, you’re my favorite.”

Now, I use these cards as a reminder of the ‘More than enough’ moments I share with God. I want you to know YOU too are Gods favorite and HE likes what you like.

I have a smile right now. God is an above and beyond God -Even in the little things.

He loves you -Just the way you are.

-P. Brett

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