1. Hey. I don’t know why I’m typing this or if I’m even suppose to leave such message. All I know Is I’m really facing somethng that’s tearing me apart and I know the only way is to find healing in God. Its just I don’t know how to get there or how to handle it. And every second without knowing hurts so much. This may sound silly like a small relationship problem but I invested everythng into in with heart and soul and now that I’m 6months pregnant reality hits me I’m about to be a single mom. I’ll find myself staring out window for hours thinkng he wil come but he doesn’t, I withraw from family and cry on my own, and this souldnt over take me and I jus want to stop feeling hurt, stop waiting, stop thinkng, can someone please help me.?

    • Uncaged International Ministries says:

      Hey Danica, Nothing is too small or too silly for God. And i’ve learned that you’re right -true healing is found in God. If you’d like to chat more about what’s going on, or if you’d like someone to just ‘get it all out too’, please email me at uncagedinternational@gmail.com, or find me on facebook: facebook.com/wonderchickreed. Hope to hear from you and know that I’ve prayed for you.
      Love, Elle

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