Hawaii Missions Trip

Ladies, this one’s for you!

The missions trip will be amazing! First of all, who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii???

We are pleased to announce the confirmation of Uncaged International’s 2013 Hawaii Missions trip! We are so excited and look forward to this time of growth for every woman involved. Currently, we have openings for 12 women/girls and the total out of pocket investment for each person is $1200. Uncaged International’s Women’s Ministry will be covering any extra expenses during the trip. Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer scholarships to each woman who participates in future trips.

We are a Global Christian Church and Outreach based in OH. We promote Human Rights, Advocacy, Justice, & Freedom by way of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Mini-Church, Virtual Ignite Groups, Missions, Rallies, Outreaches & more. Our passion is to help people uncover and tap into their potential & creativity to accomplish their God-given dreams.

The trip is scheduled for January 14 – 21, 2013. The purpose of this trip is to empower and teach each woman to reach, embrace, and love one another. Our goal is to build an unbreakable sisterhood in which, as a collective we can reach the women in our personal circles of influence. Some topics that we will be diving into are: Purity, Leadership, Love, Developing a personal relationship with God, Friendships, Goal Setting, Family dynamics, & Social Injustice.

The 7 day program is scheduled for one on one and group meetings with Elle Reed and other guests; we will also be attending Hope Chapel West Oahu’s annual “Arise” women’s conference from January 17th thru the 19th.

We are seeking financial sponsors to help manage the extra expenses of the tour, and to possibly offer partial scholarships to the women who may not be able to afford the total cost of the trip. The total tuition cost is divided into airfare, ground transportation, housing, grocery and other costs.

*Uncaged International Ministries is a registered Church & not-for-profit corporation in the state of Ohio. We are still in the process of receiving our 5013c tax exemption status with the IRS. If you itemize your deductions, your contribution should be deductible on your 2013 taxes. 

Please subscribe to our Facebook page in order to get updates!

Please email us at uncagedinternational@gmail.com for a missions packet.

*Investment amount is based upon leaving as a group from Columbus, Ohio. For information on cost from other areas around the US, please contact Elle. 


  1. nannette marx says:

    I am a mother with a daughter, I have been cured of colon cancer by God and his doctors on this earth. I have been looking for a way to share my amazing story with many people, my daughter is 12 and we are very intersted in hawaii, before I got sick 11-11-11 I had a trip planned, the recovered, relapased 9-11-12 and had to reschedule our trip again that was planned for 11-23-12…so needless to say God did not have a joyride vacation to hawaii for us. I beleive instead we are supposed to go to love some people in a beautiful place and share gods word with youth and teens. we would love to go, it is a little out of our budget but God always provides just what we need, and I stand on His word that not one good thing from Him will be withheld from us. Thank you God bless your mission works

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