Pastor Elle

Pastor, life/creativity coach, visionary, go-getter, motivational speaker and professional wedding & portrait photographer. Elle is definitely one to push limits, burn boxes and test theories. Utilizing technology, social media, and art (like photography) -she aims to bring God and his word into the lives of those who may not be reachable to the average church.


Growing up in the church, she knows what it was like to battle her desires and to feel like God was so far away, even though knowing all about him.

She brings Gods message from a ‘Been there, done that’ perspective sprinkled with personal testimony and insight. She is an effective communicator, with an abundance of experience.

“My dream is to see people set free from themselves -like, really FREE. I thought I was free until I let God step in… THAT’S Freedom!”

She has lived a colorful life filled with bad choices, failed relationships, divorce, interesting adventures, a hard heart and the end of her rope. Nothing you say can shock her. Nothing you say can cause her to judge you. She knows what it is like to be in your shoes.

Elle has over 6 years in active ministry serving in the creative arts in various capacities. She has also worked with women, young adults and couples. She has a strong professional background in career coaching, marketing, social media and technology, events and the creative arts.

She actively works with entrepreneurs, working mothers, artists, writers, students and ministers in brainstorming and idea mapping for their dreams and goals.

In early 2010, Uncaged International Ministries was birthed from the dream to see lives changed radically for Christ. In August of 2010, Elle & her husband, Brett packed up their entire family & moved from Honolulu, HI to Ohio in pursuit of Gods’ greater calling on thier lives for ministry.

Her main priority is supporting her Husband and children as they continue out on the mission that God has called them to.

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